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Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When They Try to Manage Their Own Cleaning

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Many business owners today are trying to find all sorts of ways to cut costs, and one thing they might consider is cleaning their own offices or having their staff do this job. While this may seem cheaper than hiring a professional cleaning company, this can also be a mistake for many reasons and can actually wind up costing a business owner more money overall. Note why that is and why a business owner would do well to think seriously about hiring out this work.

Using the wrong cleansers

The wrong cleansers on different surfaces can mean damage to benchtops, tile flooring, carpeting, and desks. It's easy to assume that you know what products to use if you clean your own home, but keep in mind that the tile flooring in an office can be very different than the kitchen tiles you have at home; office carpeting is usually made with a much denser and lower nap for more durability, and benchtops may be made of a rugged laminate rather than real stone.

Using the wrong products on these surfaces may mean damaging the tile or not getting the carpet or benchtop clean, or creating streaks on different surfaces. In turn, you may spend money on replacing tile or on having carpets professionally cleaned more often, while still having an office that doesn't look clean every day.

Using cheap and underpowered machines

If you use a residential vacuum cleaner and floor scrubber or a small, thin mop when cleaning the office, you may find that these are ineffective and also get worn out very quickly. A lightweight floor cleaner is usually not powerful enough for a tiled office floor that sees heavy traffic every day, and to clean those low and dense fibres of an office carpet. A thin mop may also quickly wear out when used on the extensive floor space of an office restroom. In turn, you'll need to consistently replace all that equipment.

Letting it slide

One common mistake that business owners make when trying to manage their own cleaning is that they just let it slide, meaning they neglect the cleaning when their schedule gets busy. In turn, the office looks dirty and unkempt for visitors, and dirt begins to get ground into the carpeting, tile, and other surfaces, making it harder to clean. Hiring a professional to manage the job will mean it gets done right every time, and the work will never be neglected. Work with a company like SKG Pty Ltd to keep your office space clean.