Keep Your Office Nice and Clean

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Keep Your Office Clean By Getting to Know the Germ Hotspots

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Most offices look pretty clean, so they seem like hygienic places compared to other types of business premises. There’s some truth in this, but there are certain parts of the average office that are hotspots for grime and germs. The thing that most of the places germs hang out in offices have in common is that they’re touched regularly by people working. Once you know what they are, you can concentrate your cleaning efforts to keep the place hygienic or, better still, hire a knowledge office cleaner who can sanitise all the important spots. Read More»

Is the Soil on Your Property Contaminated With Asbestos?

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Many people hear about asbestos and the dangers it presents to human health, but not many of them have ever had an experience with asbestos abatement issues. That’s why, as a property owner, soil contamination may be the last of your worries as you consider developing or renovating structures on your piece of land. Unfortunately, it is possible for your soil to contain asbestos. Going into a construction project without managing the hazardous material can present severe health problems for you and your workers. Read More»