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Three Spray Jet Options for Ideal Pressure Washer Selection

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If you are looking to improve your cleaning practices, you should consider taking up pressure washing for your residential surfaces. This cleaning option is ideal for use on diverse features in your home, including the driveway, vehicles, external wall surfaces, decking and outdoor furniture. The high pressure provides the extra power required to cut through the accumulated layers of dust, dirt and grime, particularly when compared to a normal garden hose.

In ideal circumstances, you should engage professional cleaners to perform pressure washing tasks for the best long-term results. However, if you prefer, you can invest in a simple machine for DIY home use. Generally, you must consider various factors before investing in a pressure washer. One of the crucial considerations is the nature of the spray jet because it will affect effectiveness. Therefore, consider and compare these outlined spray jet options before getting a pressure washer.

Basic Fixed Jet

Basic pressure washers are inexpensive and suitable for simple residential applications. However, these do not provide different performance options with regard to the spray jet. Typically, these come with a single lance and nozzle, which produce a fixed jet of water. This means that you cannot adjust the pressure or the shape of the water jet when cleaning different surfaces. If you decide to purchase this type of equipment, ensure that you vary the impact of the water by holding the nozzle closer or further from the pertinent surface.

Variable Spray

The variable jet spray is produced by equipment with variable lances. The lance is essentially the tubing which connects the nozzle to the washer's handle and trigger. This feature will allow you to change the pressure of the water jet using the internal mechanisms of the equipment. Therefore, you can apply a broad fan of water or a focussed jet depending on the type of surface that you would like to clean. This spray jet option is ideal because it provides extensive flexibility.

Rotary Spray Jets

If you plan to clean heavy-duty surfaces that are normally grimy, such as paving slabs, you should consider choosing a rotary jet. This type of spray is powerful because the water jet spins when the machine is engaged through the trigger. Consequently, you will have stronger cleaning power, allowing you to handle heavily soiled surfaces. However, you should note that the high pressure can damage light surfaces.

If you would like to clean concealed surfaces, ensure that you have obtained an angled lance for ideal results.