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Questions You Might Have About Upholstery Cleaning for Your Furniture

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If your upholstered furniture is dirty and dingy or has any types of stains, you don't necessarily need to replace it. Upholstery can usually be cleaned, just like how carpets can be cleaned, and your furniture may once again look like new. Note a few questions you might have about upholstery cleaning for your furniture and then discuss this option with a professional cleaner as needed.

Can upholstery cleaning be done in the home?

Most cleaners will have mobile equipment so that they can come to your home and clean the furniture, rather than you having to bring it to their shop. This can help protect the furniture from potential damage while it's in transit, and keep you from having to get a truck and a friend to help load the piece! A cleaner may need to move a piece outside to help protect your carpet, or they may set down a tarp or other protective covering, but otherwise, you typically don't need to worry about dragging a piece of furniture to a shop in order to get it cleaned.

How often should furniture be cleaned?

Don't wait for spots and stains to appear on upholstered furniture before you have it cleaned; keep in mind that your furniture absorbs skin oil, dead skin cells, pet hair and dander, dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and all sorts of other irritants. These things settle into the fabric and the foam under it, so that your furniture can become very unhygienic, very quickly. Consider how often you need to clean furniture just to keep it looking its best, but have this done more often if anyone in the home smokes, if anyone has breathing difficulties or allergies, or if you have pets in the family. This will ensure the furniture is always as clean as possible.

Can all stains be removed?

Many stains on upholstery and even leather can be removed, including pet stains, red wine, blood, vomit, and other substances that are typically very difficult to get out with store-bought products. A professional cleaner can use the right tools and solutions for loosening dirt and for removing stains that have soaked through to the foam under the upholstery.

However, note that not all stains can be removed, as some might be very old and have been ground into the fabric, so they're difficult or impossible to remove completely. A professional cleaner can tell you if stains on your furniture are likely to be removed or at least lessened so that the piece is presentable again. For more information, contact companies like Carpet Whiz.