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Important Questions to Ask When Arranging for Commercial Waste Removal

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If you own or manage an apartment complex, office building, retail complex, or any such similar building, you'll want to ensure the rubbish produced by tenants and occupants is contained and removed properly. Garbage that is outside but not contained can easily attract rodents and other pests and may result in a hefty fine for the property owner. It's also good to think about how you can encourage tenants of your building to recycle as much as possible, and this type of program should be included in your waste removal services. To ensure that you opt for the right company and that no detail is overlooked when it comes to commercial waste removal, note a few important questions to ask when arranging this service.

Ask about white goods

White goods refers to appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, hot water tanks, and the like. Apartment complexes may replace these items often, and even an office complex or retail store will need to dispose of these items on occasion, and they may not fit in a standard bin. Your waste collection company may also want to pick them up separately, as these pieces may need to go to a special landfill or recycling facility. Whatever the case, ask how these should be collected, as this might mean arranging a special pickup or needing a separate bin for these items alone.

Ask for a list of recyclable items

You might be surprised to find out what items are actually recyclable; this can include electronics, mattresses, tyres, and the like. Your waste collection company might also want you to keep batteries separate from other recyclable materials, as these might be hazardous. Always ask for an exhaustive list of recyclable items and provide this list to your tenants so that they recycle as much waste as possible.

Ask about cleanouts or bulk pickups

If you manage an apartment complex, you may need to clean out vacant apartments regularly; restaurants, grocery stores and retail stores may also need to be cleaned out regularly, as these businesses often go through their inventory and dispose of expired items and then create more rubbish than what fits in the bin. Ask your waste collection company about a cleanout or bulk pickup service, as they may need a certain amount of notice for such a pickup, or they may schedule them on certain days throughout the month. You can then have your maintenance crew or tenants do their bulk cleaning on those days, ensuring the rubbish will be collected properly.

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