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Keep Your Office Clean By Getting to Know the Germ Hotspots

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Most offices look pretty clean, so they seem like hygienic places compared to other types of business premises. There's some truth in this, but there are certain parts of the average office that are hotspots for grime and germs.

The thing that most of the places germs hang out in offices have in common is that they're touched regularly by people working. Once you know what they are, you can concentrate your cleaning efforts to keep the place hygienic or, better still, hire a knowledge office cleaner who can sanitise all the important spots. Here are the usual culprits for dirt and bacteria.

Computer equipment

Think about how often people touch their computer keyboards and mice throughout the working day. Add in sneezing, coughing and the odd person who doesn't wash their hands properly, and you can begin to see why it's such a problem area. Keyboard hygiene is made worse by the fact there are so many nooks and crannies where dirt and bacteria can build up, so a professional deep-clean is the best way to keep hygiene high.

Desk surfaces

Although desks are flat and smooth, they don't always get cleaned as carefully as they should. After all, they're somewhere people rest their hands and arms for long periods during the day, transferring bacteria from elsewhere. Don't forget about mouse mats, which can also get dirty quickly. It's often best to get cheap ones that can be replaced regularly.

Food and drink equipment

Coffee pots, microwave and refrigerator doors, vending machines and other pieces of food-related equipment get touched frequently by a lot of different people, which can cause them to become dirty fast. If your office has a water cooler, this can also be a problem area, especially wherever water drips and any parts that are handled during operation.

Stationery supplies

If people in your office share pens, staplers and other pieces of stationery, germs can easily be transferred between people's hands and stay on the stationery itself. To keep things as hygienic as possible, it's best to get disposable items where possible and encourage staff to keep hold of stationery and office equipment for their own use.


Phones have two problem areas. The first is the keypad, which needs a good thorough clean on a regular basis after all those grubby fingers have been using it to dial numbers. The second breeding ground for bacteria is the handset, particular the earpiece that's pressed up to warm ears during use. This should be cleaned very thoroughly to make sure it's as germ-free as possible.

For more information, contact your local office cleaning service.